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We know it can be difficult to plan that corporate party, kick off, compassee or just the spontaneous round of minigolf. Here we have gathered our most common questions and answers to help you. Do not find what you are looking for? Please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you.


Oh, how fun with minigolf, how many holes is your course?

It sure is! We have 12 holes on our regular course and if you want to play 18 holes, we have another 6 holes in our secret living room downstairs.

We would love to play in your secret living room! How do we do it?

Talk to the staff on site or book our fun living room-combo.

Okay, how long does it take to play?

One game can take anywhere between 30min-1.5h depending on how many people are out on the course and how many holes in one you hit but expect about 1h.

Do you have to make a reservation to play or eat?

No of course not! You can be spontaneous and drop-in for a round or just take a glass of your favorite drink in the bar.

But if I want to make a reservation, how do I do it?

For groups up to 10 people you can book on our website under the "BOOK" tab. Do not forget to press the small plus sign to see our available slots. If you are a larger group, please email

Neat! What does it cost to play minigolf?

If you are a pro at mini golf and feel that you can play all by yourself - awesome! Then the price is 150kr per person. If you want to elevate your experience or just strengthen your team and get some professional help who will tell you the rules, dividing teams, give you tips and trix and hand out medals to the winners in the end, it costs 250kr per person. This is recommended to all groups over 15 people.

I want a rematch, can you play again and what does it cost?

Of course, the second-round costs just 70kr. Try to beat the record of the month!

We would love to have dinner as well, is it possible to eat at Swing?

Oh yes! Not to brag but we probably have the best food in town. If you don’t believe us – come and try. If you are a company of up to ten people, you can book a table in our dining room and order from our A la carte menu. If you are over ten people, we have a sharing menu that applies to larger groups. If you feel spontaneous, take a seat in our Back Alley bar where we have a more relaxed bar menu. In the bar section we don’t reserve tables.

Hold on a minute, what's a sharing menu?

Sharing menu is what we have chosen to call our menu for company over ten people. Our chefs choose the best ingredients of the season and put together a two or three course menu that you are served at your table. Somewhat like a buffet on your table table yet not a buffet at all but sharing. The food comes out in turns to and you share and eat together. Or as we like to call it - social dining!

Okay, that sounds amazing! If we are a big group who wants to eat and play, what do we do?

Take a look under the "COMBOS" tab where we have put together a bunch of lovely packages to make it easier for you. There you clearly see how many people they apply to as well as the price for the different options.

But I've already checked there, and I can find anything that suits us, can we do a special package?

Yes of course! Email us at and we will find something for your group. We are flexible and can solve almost everything!

Our company only pay for one or two drinks this evening, is it possible to solv drink tickets so we can easily keep track of what everyone is drinking?

Yes box! We have drinks tickets that apply to either the range or only beer / wine / cider and soft drinks. Our tickets have no predetermined value and you are charged only for what you drink according to our menu. If you choose to redeem the ticket against a glass of wine, we add the price on the bill. We won’t charge you for the tickets that are not redeemed at the bar.

Now we have finally booked an event with you but are not sure of the number of participants. What is your cancellation policy?

In order not to stand with 40 ready-made dishes we must throw out which is bad both for the environment and wallet, you can cancel food at the latest 4 days before your visit. Mini golf with golf host will be canceled no later than 48h before. If you booked mini golf on your own please call or email us a day before with your cancellation.

Do you have a wardrobe to hang in our jackets or do we need to carry them around the course?

No, we have a watched wardrobe free of charge. During the winter months we get many big fluffy jackets, so it may tight in our wardrobe. Therefore, please leave the guitar case and your large suitcase at home.

Can we pay with cash at Swing?

Both for our and your security we have chosen to be completely cash free, so do not break your piggy bank before you arrive. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

If we are a company that wants to pay by invoice, is that ok?

Yes, it may be fine, but please note that we have an invoice limit of at least 10000kr plus a 10-day payment term. We also need to have your invoice information before the visit.

Ok, equipment, clothes and so on? How do we do that?

All minigolf accessories such as clubs, balls and scorecards you get from us, so you do not have to bring your iron seven this time. At Swing we like differences in people so come as you are and play! But we always think it's fun when you follow our theme; prohibition, the 30's, speakeasy and Gatsby.

Hmm, at last - I recognize the name Golfbaren, do you have more courses?

That’s right! During the spring and summer, you can find us both in Aspudden and Kristineberg. Surf to to find out more.

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Fancy a game of minigolf or dinner, or maybe both? this is where you book what and when to do it. Minigolf is 150 SEK and coat check is complimentary.

Reservations is recommended for our dining room. Care for a bite from our bar menu? please swing by our Back Alley Bar when you feel like it!

Reservations can be made no later than one hour before the desired time.

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How nice that you want to come to us for a visit! We want you to have the time of your life and therefore we'd like to contact you and talk about the details. Enter your credentials in the form and we'll contact you within 24 hours.

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